ComfortHush from Viridian

August 7, 2012

Viridian’s acoustic performance glass reduces the amount of unwanted noise that enters the home, while also offering improved comfort and energy efficiency.

Unwanted, intrusive noise entering homes makes it harder for people to relax and enjoy their surroundings. As high-density housing increases, so will enquiries around how to manage noise related issues. Because noise transference issues are on the increase, Viridian has engineered ComfortHush to reduce the amount of unwanted noise from entering a home, while also providing superior energy efficiency.

The benefits of Viridian ComfortHush are clear:

  • Reduce unwanted noise
  • Improve comfort and energy efficiency
  • Laminated for your protection
  • From a name you can trust

ComfortHush is an acoustic performance glass, which also features a durable Low E (low emissivity) coating to keep the home cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Being a laminated glass, ComfortHush is a Grade A safety glass and reduces fading of interior furnishings by eliminating 99 per cent of ultraviolet light.

The glass provides a 6db improvement on ordinary 3mm glass, typically found in residential windows – it’s like moving a house roughly double the distance from the noise source to achieve the same reduction in sound.

ComfortHush is the start of a comprehensive range of single and double glazed acoustic performance glass products developed by Viridian. To find out more on the range, visit

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