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Velieris carpet range

July 13, 2012

Crafted using a unique blend of Alpaca wool and 100 per cent undyed fibre, Velieris brings together luxury fibres and sustainable processes to produce a high quality carpet collection.

Crafted with a unique blend of Alpaca wool.
Using 100 per cent undyed fibre, as nature intended.

Australian owned and operated, Velieris takes pride in bringing together luxury fibres and sustainable processes to produce the highest quality in carpet collections. Using only the beautiful, naturally occurring colours of the alpaca fleece means minimal processing, saving both the integrity and softness of the fibres whilst reducing environmental impact.

Velieris has now brought a new level of luxury to their carpet range with the inclusion of Capulet: a twist pile carpet crafted with an enormously dense fibre base offering a thick cushioning underfoot and enhancing durability. The twist weave is formulated through a heat setting process, which locks the twist into the memory of the fibre, conserving the soft feel whilst showcasing the natural colours throughout.

This attention to detail is why Velieris have fast become the preferred choice for Australia’s leading architects and designers.

For more information about the Velieris carpet and rug collections,
contact Velieris on 03 9496 8000 or visit www.velieris.com

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