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Marmo Granito-Paradiso

July 6, 2012

At this year’s Milan Furniture Fair, Thailand-based tiles and sanitaryware manufacturer COTTO unveiled their collection of natural-finish tiles.

Amongst the torrent of unruly colours, mutant forms and glittering surfaces of the Salone this year, one new exhibitor offered a refreshingly tranquil sensibility. Thailand-based tiles and sanitaryware manufacturer COTTO forwent the usual noisy, vaudeville routine common to many of Milan’s participants, choosing instead to channel the lifestyle and traditions of Thailand’s waterway communities into a highly singular, ‘River of Paradise’ concept.

Mr Anuvat Chalermchai, COTTO Brand Director, explains: “The exhibition reflects Thai vernacular living and festivities along our country’s many rivers and canals. This sensibility, an understanding of human life as intimately connected to natures flows, is innate to the COTTO collection we are presenting here – the Marmo Granito-Paradiso Series.”

Crafted from clay slip through a patented mold process and the use of other innovative production techniques, the Paradiso series reinterprets the beauty and uniqueness of a natural stone finish, with the advantage of being much more durable and sustainable. The tiles are characterised by exceptionally realistic veining but, despite these convincingly ‘natural’ irregularities, they also offer strong water resistance and resistance to loads and shocks.

Available in four colours – black, white, light grey and dark grey – and in two different dimensions –  60 x 60 x 1cm and 60 x 120 x 1cm – the Paradiso series is designed for a range of applications including not just flooring, but any surfaces of the home that require durability.

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