Industrial design meets fine arts practice

Tucked under a winter embrace, take a sonorous sojourn into the elements. Through the slipstream of mirrored surfaces, and autumnal colourings, a playful carousel of industrial design emerges from the sketch books of our modern-day artisans.

Capital gains: Canberra’s design scene

Looking beyond the roundabouts and political machinations, our nation’s capital is fast becoming a breeding ground for a new generation of Australian furniture and object designers, as MEZZANINE finds out.

Elwood House by Therefore Studio

MEZZANINE speaks to Alex Lake of Therefore Studio about the process behind the practice’s recent Elwood House. The studio provides a guided tour of the furniture, fittings and objects both specified and styled.

A refuge from the snow: Grant Amon Architect’s Astra Lodge

"From the dark bark of tall, strong green trees to the silvery snow gums and to the burnt ghost sticks from the 2007 bushfire, it is a narrative of the surrounding environment." MEZZANINE takes a look at the Astra Lodge in Victoria's Falls Creek, a recently upgraded ski lodge that takes design cues from its graceful surrounds.

Balance of power: Ben Russell

Responsible for illuminating some of Melbourne’s shining lights in hospitality design, Ben Russell of BREC sheds some light on the process of powering up a project in the latest issue of MEZZANINE.

Taste sensations: hospitality design with Foolscap Studio

"Kitchens have always been somewhere hidden and dirty, not somewhere you would be invited, but there is a real change going on there," says Adele Winteridge, founder of Melbourne’s Foolscap Studio – a practice on the tip of international tongues when it comes to clever hospitality design. Winteridge speaks to Sandra Tan for MEZZANINE.

Home run: Therefore Studio on residential design

“In every case we try to steer our clients to go for ‘less but better’,” says Alex Lake of Therefore Studio. With a growing portfolio of hospitality projects, including the pop-up Broadsheet Restaurant and the Marquis of Lorne, Therefore Studio is now moving into residential architecture.

North Point: bringing the outdoors in

Subtropical architecture is challenged with the balancing act of two contrasting ideas: an openness to the setting and protection from it. MEZZANINE explores projects that embrace their surroundings with both sensibility and open arms, including a 4x4m fold-up shack.

Home brewed: Liam Mugavin’s Coffee Bondi Beach

Tapping into a network of skilled designers and makers can bring a level of authenticity to every touchpoint of a hospitality project, as MEZZANINE discovers in Bondi’s new take on the traditional coffee shop.

Into the light

"Light in its purest form is about perception. It literally changes the way in which we see the world,” says Melbourne-based lighting designer, Volker Haug. MEZZANINE talks to Volker and other designers about new technologies that are bringing aesthetic opportunities to their work, and allowing them to set a new mood of sustainability.