For the People: In conversation with Dale Hardiman

With a generosity of spirit and well-crafted sense of humour, Dale Hardiman is fast-emerging as an exciting new face in the Australian design crowd. Marcus Piper chats to the new-comer for MEZZANINE.

Nick Harding of HA

Finding the right architect is a little more complex than scrolling through your favourite images. Melbourne-based architect, Nick Harding, principal of Ha, draws a line through recent projects to show how a body of work comes together in MEZZANINE.

A cut above: Architects EAT

The team at Melbourne-based Architects EAT walk MEZZANINE through the key ideas that link the old and the new in their recently completed residential addition.

Nightingale 3 calling for support

In a call-to-arms, the grass roots oriented development group is asking for letters of support for its third project to be sent to the government.

Process makes perfect: TAKT | Studio for architecture

Finding common ground between client and architect – the new faces of regional architecture, Brent Dunn and Katharina Hendel of Takt, take us beyond the image – to a place where we can re-engage with the process of collectively creating a dream.

Personal Works: commissioned artwork in architecture

Privately commissioned artworks have a long history in architecture and today we are seeing a fresh appetite for wall-work with a more personal touch.

Gavin Harris: drawing forwards

With a long list of award-winning works to his name, Gavin Harris is one of this country’s most prolific creative forces. Harris speaks to Sandra Tan for MEZZANINE and shares his thoughts on a well-designed career.

The MEZZANINE Guide to Design

The Guide could shape a solution for your renovation, introduce you to the latest in furniture design, or you might connect with a maker to custom-build the interior of your dreams.

Brutalist Beauty: concrete takes on a new life

"Concrete gets a hard time of it,” says architect Nick Tobias, no pun intended. “People think it’s cold and austere – but in fact, just like any other material it can be warm, sensual, inviting.”

Terra firma with Paul Owen

Brisbane architect Paul Owen speaks to MEZZANINE about adapting Queenslanders and building into the undercroft to reconnect a house with its terrain.