Making the most of small spaces: 9Point9 Architects

In South Townsville, 9Point9 Architects looked to the cities for a flexible model when it came to designing a new house for a young professional couple.

The international appeal of Henry Wilson

“I like to surround myself with objects of intrigue. Much of my work stems from scraps of potential that I notice in my daily life and travels.” Wilson discusses his inspiration, working with architects, and his dream collaborator.

MEZZANINE releases stool to help alleviate homelessness and promote regional makers

Celebrating the regional issue and supporting homelessness, Marcus Piper teamed up with furniture maker Chris Nicholson to create the Mezzanine stool.

Future classic: Robert Foster

Beyond the web

Marcus Piper explores the way technology is redefining the concept of a well-connected home for MEZZANINE – taking us beyond the cobwebs and cables.

Layered light

Beyond the vitreous layers that shield our homes, contemporary glass is taking on a dynamic new dimension. Stephen Todd writes for MEZZANINE.

Creative workings: the offices of designers

The offices of designers and architects are home to the ideas that help us work in new ways. Mezzanine discovers the secret to creativity when it comes to their own studios.

Designers Republic

As the lines between private and public domains increasingly blur, architecture is expanding notions of community with houses designed to be multifunctional and/or multigenerational, or play a wider role. Peter Salhani explores this blurring for MEZZANINE.

Nick Mouat: Tech-Tonics

Touted by his clients as the best kept secret in the Australian furniture industry, manufacturer Nick Mouat of Nickisms combines an understanding of both technology and timber to help make the ideas of Australia’s leading designers a reality.

Guide to Design – Rosalie House by Owen Architecture

In making this project, we were as much thinking about its suburban landscape as the building itself. We aimed to create the early beginnings of a meadow and a field that stitch into the suburban terrain and to make a building that belongs.