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Pendal and Neille is a design and research orientated architectural practice. In addition to practicing, Simon Pendal and Stephen Neille teach at Curtin University. Their architecture searches for a lyrical combination of light, volume and formal clarity, and they are intrigued by the unfurling of experience through movement and the inner world of rooms. They look to the familiar and seek the unknown in search of an architecture of ephemeral possibility.

  • Guy Grey Institute of Contemporary Art

    Wolf Lane, Perth is a sinuous, predominantly red brick urban space located in the centre of Perth. The laneway is a place that can be stimulated by strategically siting a new civic institution to act as a focus for a layered, cross section of public engagement. The entire project is developed to stimulate increased social […]

  • Parliament House Forecourt and Fountains Redevelopment

    This project reaffirms the formal axis from Parliament House to the city and operates as a new landform upon the existing escarpment. The interior of Parliament House is defined by its ‘Four Grand Rooms’- each refined and intense vessels. The new forecourt is cleaned-out and is established as a place for public gathering, protest and […]

  • Fremantle House

    A 2 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom house with central living / dining and separate library room. The site was loaded with possibility for two principle reasons. Firstly because it was so ordinary- a piece of flat land that used to be someone else’s backyard, secondly because of its dimension- 15 by 15 metres delivering an immediate […]