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futurespace is a successful interior design studio undertaking projects across Australasia. The practice was founded in 2001 with a commitment to the design and delivery of innovative and intelligent future-focused interior solutions. Our projects deliver great results for our clients while maintaining a vision for a more sustainable future. We are proud of the client list we have built up through our work for some of the world’s leading organisations, and our achievements across these projects is the foundation for our continuing success and growth.

  • Knowing the Ropes

    Experience and collaboration has led to measurable success in this maritime workplace. inspired by the internal structure and ribbing of a ship, the project reflects craftsmanship, warmth and strength.

  • Interior Design: Fujitsu

    Fujitsu’s new facility brings together Fujitsu’s existing call centre operations from Fig Tree Drive, Homebush Bay as well as Pitt Street, Sydney. The key drivers for this project were to provide an environment that was extremely durable with a high level of amenity for the call centre team while at the same time being a […]

  • 7-11 Turramurra Avenue

    This 27 unit development makes the most of a fairly constrained site. Significant set backs from the street dictated the building be consolidated towards the South West corner of the site in a predominantly square form. To ensure good natural light and fresh air penetration, slots were cut deep into the building plan resulting in100% […]

  • NIB

    The move into the six floor office building on the Honey Suckle foreshore in Newcastle was a large cultural change for NIB. Head office employees had previously been separated in accommodation of varying standards. Employees now work together in light, bright egalitarian new offices. The concept of the ‘eternal summer’ and wellbeing were reinforced through […]

  • ARIA (Australian Reward Investment Alliance)

    The extraordinary views of ARIA’s new office space face the coast and harbour to the east, the mountains to the west and the cityscape to the north. The project’s concept focused on interpreting the colours of the Australian landscape, from the blues and greens of the coast to the reds and oranges of the outback. […]