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The world is round Pty Ltd delivers creative and efficient solutions locally, nationally and internationally for clients requiring commercial, exhibition, retail, hospitality and residential architectural design. With a focus on responsive service, research, strategy, process and technology we strive to create functional form and space, and generate innovative opportunities for the construction of the built environment. Commercially we seek to develop creative work methods and alternative work strategies that allow for new workplace models to be implemented within all areas of business. We take audiences on imaginative journeys with dynamic and interactive Exhibition design focusing on visionary solutions for a comprehensive brand experience. We believe Retail space must harmonise with the merchandise that lives in it, with the customer who purchases from it and the staff who work in it. We invent distinctive Hospitality environments based on contemporarily classic and atmospheric theatrical design. We create unique Residential environments for living, embodying plush and relaxed solutions extracted from the client’s personality. We approach the creation of space with the pure objective to surround and embrace its soul. Simply, above all, the result must be creatively practical, enduring and beneficial for the client.

  • Aquabumps

    The renowned surf photography brand Aquabumps, owned by Eugene (Uge) Tan, relocated to a cavernous 80 square metres of refurbished gallery space in trendy inner Bondi. With its huge ceilings and distinctive warehouse feel, the former mechanics’ garage became a space full of contrasts. The east wall is minimalist, with smooth, white walls and perfectly […]