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Buildings not only shelter, they can provide a fundamental connection with the world. Buildings embody the way in which we choose to dwell. They affect in the most essential way our day to day lives.

The vital qualities in architecture are reflected in our logo which is a detail of the picture opposite – a ribbed vault in “La Salle de Chevaliers”, part of a three storey Gothic building called “La Merveille”on the island of Mont St Michel in Brittany, France. It was a room in which monks produced illuminated manuscripts. The muscular stone vaults modestly but with simple and sculptural clarity, bear their load. High circular windows welcome tides of daylight, while low, beautifully positioned desk-height windows focus on the tumultuous encircling bay. The room is breathtakingly beautiful. It enobles building to art, to poetry.

The architects role is to enable within the parameters of the opportunity presented by the client, the construction of the optimal resolution of their needs. The importance of the site, the budget, the environment and the special requirements is maintained during every aspect of each project. Our aim is to bring to this process an excellence and rigour in design, documentation and construction that will enable our clients’ aspirations to come to fruition.

  • Bluff Farm House

    In the tradition of isolated rural buildings, the house is conceived as a singular gesture responding to the strength of the site: a grassy terrace overlooking a river and facing a spectacular valley. The architectural expression of the design concept was realised in the refuge of the enclosing precast concrete wall that wraps around the […]