Practice Profile

NH Architecture
Established: 2004
Employees: 60
NHArchitecture is a leading Australian design studio founded on the principles of collaboration and open debate, where architects and designers are united by a commitment to creating outstanding contemporary architecture. We believe design is no longer the domain of the egocentric architect with a single vision. Instead we believe projects are complex and inclusive, where the architect acts as both creator and mediator, providing the platform for clients, engineers, planners and the broader community to engage fully with the process of design. NHArchitecture is leading the thinking towards integrated and flexible environments and an architecture capable of engaging with the complexities of the contemporary Australian city. The NHArchitecture studio is lead by four principles, Roger Nelson, Lyndon Hayward, Hamish Lyon and Peter Dredge. The practice has completed a range of public and commercial projects across Australia and has an International portfolio in countries including New Zealand, Vietnam and Malaysia.