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Minifie Nixon projects often begin by research into design techniques, the repertoire of which has been massively expanded by the availability of new computational tools. Technique is not seen as an end in
itself, but as a primary means of establishing relationships within a ‘design space’. Such design spaces may relate ideas of, say, functional organisations, urban and historical parameters, material construction and retinal and spatial experiences. A project then is seen not as a unique material proposition, but rather a particular instance of the configurations possible within that space.

  • Yantai Coal Economic College

    Client: City of Yantai Date: 2002 Yantai Coal Economic College is a shortlisted competition entry for a new university campus. Located on a semi-rural hillside on the outskirts of the city of Yantai in north-eastern China, the university was to be developed over a period of five years. The competition entry was prepared within three […]

  • University of Sydney Public Domain

    Minifie Nixon working with Rush Wright Landscape Architects and GHD, were finalists in an international competition to completely reconfigure the public space of the University of Sydney. Many historic vistas were to be enhanced and reinforced with new landscaping, roads pedestrianised, and circulation through the campus improved. A new bridge linking the two halves of […]

  • Preshil Library

    When looking at what children actually do whilst learning it is clear that the building categories of ‘Classroom’, ‘Library’, ‘Technology Building’ and so on are very poor at capturing and describing what happens within. Often it is in unnamed spaces – staircases, porches, that bit in-between – where the most fruitful interactions and events take […]

  • Heide Visitor Centre and Cafe

    Minifie Nixon and Oculus were shortlisted to design a new Visitors Centre and Cafe for Heide Museum of Mordern Art. The cafe was assigned a rear courtyard to occupy the foreground of the approach from the upper car park. At the forecourt entry to HeideII and III the proposal engaged a version of the car-port […]

  • Harbour Esplanade

    Minifie Nixon + Oculus compiled a full consultant team for an expression of interest and were shortlisted to compete in a design competition/tender to propose a new urban face for Melbourne’s western edge, Harbour Esplanade. This four hundred metre stretch of waterfront boulevard running between the Telstra Dome sports stadium and Victoria Harbour, once Melbourne’s […]

  • Te Wero Bridge

    Minifie Nixon and Rush Wright developed this public realm design for Te Wero Island as an adjunct to the Te Wero Bridge shortlisted competition entry by RTA Studio. The design places the island at the address of Auckland’s waterfront revitalization scheme and comprises public transport stops, information kiosks, boardwalks, public artworks, an outdoor cinema and […]