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MCR is an award winning practice whose studio-based approach to architecture defies categorization. Since 1988, our projects have pursued the potential to expand the vocabulary of architectural expression. With each project, a rigorous investigation of the strategies and aspirations underpinning the brief is developed through explorations in the fields of geometric-description and material-palette to form unique spatial experiences. Such exploration recognizes the cultural value of the built-environment. We believe architecture has the potential to engage in the articulation of complex issues, such as the representation of a city’s culture and identity. Rather than shy away from the ability of our work to manifest meaning, we deliberately pursue bold, inspiring and engaging architecture. Emerging from the specificity of each project’s situation, it continues to inform the development of each design into a logical and aesthetically integrated whole. The results are dynamic, custom-tailored and unique; engaging to the intellect and the senses.

  • Architecture: Cloud House

    McBride Charles Ryan’s whimsical addition to an Edwardian home in Fitzroy North features a dramatic, cloud-like extrusion.

  • Monaco House

    This is a new 4 storey building located in a largely pedestrian lane (Ridgway place) at the East end of Melbourne’s CBD. Dominant in the lane is the historic Melbourne Club wall and the gigantic plane trees emanating from the Melbourne Club Garden. Our brief was to provide a ground level entry and café, followed […]

  • Klein Bottle House

    Located on heavily ti-treed sand hills near an ocean beach, the house was required to make a minimal impression on the tree-line and landscape. The spiral configuration is a spatial device which responds to the difficult topography. It is also a figure rich in coastal allusions. With on shift and a twist, the spiral was […]

  • Letterbox House

    Named the ‘letterbox house’, this coastal house literally appears to emerge from the front letterbox. Its architects claim it is the smallest street front elevation on the peninsula. From the letterbox it rapidly expands to form a significant timber wall fronting the side yard of the block. The wall appears as a wrapped deck, a […]

  • 10 Houses, Wynnstay Road

    The main façade is cast with a crumpled form an ambigious perception of the material that is enlivened though the play of light and shadow throughout the day. The timber façade at the front of the property unifies the disparate forms of the main façade and metal sheet clad rear. The houses are of two […]

  • QVII

    This project is an eight level apartment building above a 3 storey retail podium. It comprises 136 apartments, the majority of which are compact single bedroom apartments. Particularly important in this project is the relationship of the building to the civically and historically sensitive State Library, The building plan is in relation to neighbouring buildings […]

  • Dome House

    This project is a home in Hawthorn designed to accommodate at the various stages of its life, a family, a single person, and a single person with large visiting family. The design concept of this home was to take a perfect shape, the copper sphere, and to remove parts. By selectively removing parts of the […]

  • Templestowe Park Primary School

    This project is a new multi-purpose hall for the Templestowe Park Primary School. Visitors approach the school alongside the new building where a colonnaded canopy/ giant portico signifies a formal entrance to the school and its grounds. The building form is based upon a parabola, which was selected to most efficiently contain performance and sporting […]

  • Cave House

    Achieving desirable sized outdoor spaces and good building orientation on a difficult triangular site was always going to be tricky. The idea was to treat the whole ground plane as a garden. This led to a re-exploration of the glass house typology -but with serious modifications. We had to contort the glazed box and split […]