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MCK has developed over the past thirteen years a knowledge and expertise in designing prestige dwellings that has been awarded and acclaimed by the Royal Australian Institute of Architects, the Institute of Interior Designers and the Australian Design Council.

  • Manning Cartell Chadstone

    MCK Architects’ fitout for the Manning Cartell store in Chadstone is animated by a steel ribbon that snakes through the store, mimicking the brand’s careful attention to detail.

  • Chatswood House

    MCK’s core ideas, notions of journey, spatial experience, ambiguous space and interior/exterior transition, are all present in the Chatswood House. Supplementary considerations were aspect and orientation, maximal interior solar access and the budgetary and site area constraints. The proposal addresses the steep rise from the rear of the existing house up to the laneway by […]

  • Bellevue House

    A home that was essentially one space for a family with fond memories of another culture formed a strong generating diagram for the design. The primary ambition for the project is the creation of open, centralised living space. The notion of building with something found is expressed through the solidity and permanence of concrete platforms […]