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Lyons is an architectural and urban design practice based in Melbourne, Australia. The firm is committed to the craft of architecture and urban design as an intellectual construct within a local and global culture. Lyons proposes an architecture which is confident and self conscious about its cultural origins and which embodies the complexities of invention, ideas and identity.

Lyons has completed numerous large scale commissions for government public and private sector client groups. Its recent projects include major commercial buildings, university, education and training facilities, urban design projects and large scale government defence, health and research projects.

Lyons was established in 1996 and is led by its five directors Corbett Lyon, Cameron Lyon, Carey Lyon, Neil Appleton and Adrian Stanic and its three Principals Peter Bartlett, Rob Tursi and Stefano Scalzo. Lyons studio comprises 55 professional staff
including architects, designers, technical and construction staff who bring innovative and technically literate design skills to the firm’s project work.