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Facet Studio has offices in Sydney Australia, and Osaka Japan.

When you pick up a rock, it may well be nothing but a common piece of rock. But there are many faces to any common rock; if you look closely enough, one of those faces at a split moment would reflect light at an unexpected angle to anyone’s surprise. From there we cut with precision, polish with love, smooth with care. It becomes a gem in itself.
We want to share that moment with you at Facet Studio.

  • Doshisha Chapel Complex

    IDEA 2012 Emerging Designer award-winners Facet Studio recently won the Doshisha Chapel Complex design competition in Kyoto, Japan.

  • Un-built: C House

    Facet Studio arrange a family house around double height courtyards, creating private, independent living spaces for the residents.

  • Architecture: Tea room

    A timber and glass Japanese tea room that ‘floats’ over the roots of a neighbouring tree.