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The world-wide up-market hotel, resort and restaurant industries are currently undergoing a profound change. Although each city or resort finds itself in a different position on the world curve of hospitality industry development, and tastes differ, the trend is clear: high quality concepts that offer unique, cutting-edge designs with a sense of theatre yet that are still warm and comfortable are setting the trends and are outperforming their traditional competitors.

Stunning boutique hotels and exciting restaurants, bars and night-clubs have broken all of the established rules in the industry and are causing a re-alignment of traditional conservative concepts and designs. Almost all of these have been created by small, edgy design firms who are establishing the new paradigm in the industry, understanding the new, heightened consumer awareness of and thirst for trend-setting design.

At the same time, a rush to embrace the “new” has created a disproportionate number of new hotels, restaurants and bars that are different for difference sake and are cold and dispassionate, crucially failing to reach the target markets in a meaningful and lasting manner, resulting in shaky business models at best. The signs are clear – modern, creative design can easily miss the mark, and only a small proportion of design firms are able to create lasting concepts and designs.

Winner of the prestigious 2004 I.D.E.A. Australian Hospitality Designer of the Year for Sydney’s internationally-acclaimed flying fish restaurant and named by the UK’s Wallpaper magazine, the world’s most influential design and lifestyle publication, as Sydney’s “designer du jour” in their April 2005 issue and recently selected as one of Sydney Design Quarterly / Indesign magazine’s ten most influential people in the Australian design industry in 2005 brings an almost unique wealth of international hotel / resort, restaurant, bar and club design, development and operational experience to his wide variety of trend-setting projects.

Before establishing himself as a world-renowned designer, Michael created, opened and operated more than 80 restaurants, bars and night-clubs in 12 countries and territories on 4 continents in which he lived and worked and managed more than 100 already in operation in a 28 year 5 star international hotel management and development career until his creation in 1995 of a unique hospitality design studio, DREAMTIME AUSTRALIA DESIGN.

Responsible for market studies, conceptualisation, conceptual design, financial planning, opening and ongoing operations of these outlets, this experience provided a level of hands-on experience achieved by few individuals in the industry. Importantly, Michael had to achieve not only creative results, but his “un-hotel” concepts and designs which traditionally pushed the boundaries of conservative luxury hotel thinking had to also be functional and financially successful in each culture and marketplace where he worked.

Since founding Dreamtime Australia Design, has focused on achieving the delicate balance between stunning, enduring cutting-edge concepts, architecture and interior design with equally important issues such as staffing requirements brought about by the concepts, functional layouts, back-of-house designs and time+motion studies in kitchen / bar design. These designs were then customised to match the set parameters for quality and quantities as determined by the concept, technical abilities and requirements of local workforces, clean-ability and replace-ability of materials and products, befitting a career in day-to-day operations.

The firm has already become a leader in Australia’s trend-setting restaurant industry design and is widely followed by such local and international publications as Wallpaper*, Vogue, Belle, InDesign, Inside, Urbis, Trends and Gourmet Traveller.

Dreamtime Australia Design offers you this level of passion, commitment, experience and professionalism as a critical partner in achieving equally stunning and enduring results for your project.

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