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DESYPHER was established as an evolution from Mimar Architects PL, a firm with over 15 years of commitment to design quality and service excellence.

Our aim is to decipher the very principles that bring architecture to where it integrates the art and the science spheres with the spiritual; where water evaporation cooled the house and yet the pool represented the Pool; where layering of spaces preserved privacy and simultaneously made the Container illusory.

We see the future of design as being holistic – where architectural design meets the demands of the urban and environmental obligations. Our team comprises staff of such qualifications and expertise.

Systems management are integral in determining economic and environmental efficiency through geospatial management of databases and control systems. We formed a consortium that covers the range of expertise to include Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Geographical Information System (GIS) to execute most of our projects.

  • University of Melbourne Islamic Prayer Facility

    The new state-of-the-art Islamic Prayer Facility at the University of Melbourne is designed to accommodate 300 praying people. The brilliantly coloured welcome of “peace be upon you” adorns the entry door in contrast with the sombre and tranquil main prayer space where softly lit ceiling domes, raw colours and materials and pure simplicity of space […]