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CODA is an architecture practice that doesn’t see the contradiction in creating work that is both practical and intellectually rigorous. Since 1999, we have been dedicated to a user-centric design approach, and have grown an enviable portfolio demonstrating a contemporary vision that respects the functional and emotional requirements of those that interact with our buildings. This approach has seen us widely recognised as one of Western Australia’s premier young practices, while securing significant commercial projects.

  • Architecture: House W

    Drawing on the typical form of the farm shed, CODA create a contemporary family residence that is both open and sheltered.

  • Architecture: House SB

    CODA conceal an intensely colourful private realm behind a restrained and textured facade in this residential project.

  • Architecture: House H

    This open addition to a house in WA forges a relationship between the landscape and the existing house.

  • Architecture: House M

    CODA play with the balance between public and private areas in a sensitive alteration to a Nedlands house.

  • Architecture: House W+W

    CODA carve interior and exterior spaces out of a restrictive cube, creating a labyrinthine network of rooms in their home.

  • Horse Barn

    Last year we decided to initiate pro-bono work as part of our practice. We heard that a residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility on the fringe of Perth was looking to build a horse barn in order for their clients to help to rehabilitate abused horses. We approached them to offer both our design and […]