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Established in late 2002, by Andrew Mayrnard, AMA has been recognised internationally in media, awards and exhibitions for its unique body of built works and its experimental conceptual design polemics. With shifting, random and often contradictory philosophies, AMA is about playful, fast, environmental and ethical design. We is concerned with architecture that can respond to the consistency of change, one that can adapt and grow with the kinetics of its user and is environmentally sensitive.

  • Architecture: Hill House

    Designed by Andrew Maynard Architects, this residential addition in Melbourne’s Northcote features a bold cantilevered steel volume poised above a playful artificial landscape.

  • Architecture: Butler House

    The roof terrace of a residential dwelling by Andrew Maynard Architects challenges the distinction between inside and outside.

  • Anglesea

    More frequently holiday homes are becoming little more than transplanted suburban ugliness; the great Australian tradition of the ‘shack’ is in danger of being superseded by bloated mansions with four bathrooms and all the trappings of modern life. With this project we wanted to celebrate the shack and have kept close to the original building’s […]

  • Tattoo House

    Tattoo House is little more than a deck. The decking travels to the original back wall of the home, then turns and folds where existing structures are encountered. Hence, a covered open backyard is effectively created. The folding doors and post-less corner make the form of the structure appear precarious. The structure playfully feels as […]

  • CV08

    The Australian suburb was born out of our dependance on the car. With Peak Oil rapidly approaching the epoch of the automobile with soon come to an end and with it so will the Australian outer suburb. Where will suburbanites live when there is no other means of circulation to their homes? What will we […]

  • Barrow House

    The Barrow extension appears as an arrangement of timber boxes, each independently rotated and subjected to varying amounts of extruding and manipulating forces. These separate actions result in a variety of shapes, which united, create an interior of differing volumes and organizations, providing an interesting double story addition to this weatherboard house. The extension challenges […]

  • Vader House

    The extension to the Victorian Terrace is a framed steel skeleton which envelopes the unusually high masonry boundary wall (now a part of the interior). The East and West facades are concealed in louvres, which peel back to reveal an internal environment of high folding planes, playfully splashed with deep red joinery and occasionally punctured […]