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A Workshop is a small, multi-disciplinary practice established by Paul Wakelam. The workshop covers architecture, sculpture, landscape design, graphic design, set/installation/design and performance, and strategic thinking. The practice operates from a studio in Greenmount, Perth. Project management and implementation take place in parallel with model making, prototyping and experimentation with ideas, materials and manufacturing processes.

  • Architecture: Bayswater Ballroom

    A rennovation and extension to a timber cottage, with separate areas of the house defined by gradual changes in the floor level.

  • Architecture: McSweeney Residence

    A family retreat from A Workshop that provides shelter from harsh weather conditions, and open views of the surrounding landscape.

  • Interior Design: Bistro Felix

    A Workshop’s restaurant design celebrates the theatre of good wine and food.

  • Architecture: Adolph Residence

    An enclosed courtyard, with a sloping panelled roof inspired by Alvar Aalto’s Maison Carré.

  • Lost Highway House

    Located on an expansive lot, this house explores ideas of space and collective living.

  • High Street Residence

    A new addition and alterations to an existing limestone and red brick residence from c.1925, located in East Fremantle.

  • Coral Street Studio

    Small studio/accommodation to rear of property incorporating landscape and new works to existing residence. Work completed October 2007.