ThermalHEART commercial range

May 11, 2011
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Architectural Window Systems (AWS) have released a new range of thermally broken commercial framing systems called ThermalHEART, providing a valuable solution to government requirements for increased energy efficiency in commercial buildings.

ThermalHEART technology delivers thermal efficiency for windows and doors, providing energy efficiency in large commercial buildings. Using a polyamide insulator, or thermal break, between the aluminium exterior and interior, the product minimises the transfer of warm and cold air, delivering excellent insulation properties. The AWS ThermalHEART commercial range is 51 percent more thermally efficient than standard aluminium commercial framing.

The AWS Commercial ThermalHEART range includes CentreGLAZE and FrontGLAZE framing in 100mm and 150mm platforms, along with a compatible awning sashes and door system for hinged, pivot or sliding installations. Technical details, CAD files and specification guides are available online at

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