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Mar 18, 2009
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Tecsom carpet tiles is proud of their ‘ReTec’ Program – a local initiative that reclaims Tecsom carpet tile ranges.
Most manufactured construction materials follow a similar life cycle that sees used product disposed of at the end of its life. Under the ‘ReTec’ agreement we take back used Tecsom carpet tiles once they have been removed from the building. Using local technologies, the used Tecsom product will then become an alternative to fossil fuels in a process that will avoid committing the product to landfill.
The program involves a minimal fee at the time of reclamation of the used Tecsom products, but relieves building owners of all responsibilities and costs in the disposal of their used floor covering.
As the costs of ‘traditional’ disposal of building material increases, ‘ReTec’ provides an alternative in ‘closing the loop’ in the recycling process
The entire Tecsom range of modular carpet products now features a 100 percent recycled PVC backing system and ‘ReTec’ provides a viable sustainability action that allows us to make a difference.

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