‘Shapely’ pendant shades

Nov 20, 2013
  • Article by Kristian Aus
  • Photography by Kristian Aus
  • Designer UNDER

Designer lighting products are generally expensive, fragile and designed to be permanently installed by a qualified electrician. The ‘Shapely’ pendant lights came about after a long period of experimentation with Tyvek and the concept of a user-friendly, accessible product.

Designed for those who like their living space to be minimal and flexible, Kristian Aus of UNDER set out to design a shade that was fun, easy to install and inexpensive. Aus also wanted to design a product that could be manufactured locally without the need for expensive processes or investment.

Tyvek is the major material used in the Shapely pendant shades. A paper-like material made from plastic fibres typically used in the construction and medical industries, Tyvek has fantastic heat and water resistant properties and can be coloured very easily. This material creates a wonderful texture when dyed and illuminated. The simple shapes are there to frame the beautiful, natural randomness that can be seen up close.

This family of lights is made up of six shapes and six colours. The designs are deliberately minimal, but allow for up to 36 possible variations if desired.

Each shade can be attached by the user to any existing bare pendant fitting. They can be rolled up and shipped easily due to their ultra light weight.

The Shapely pendant light allows for simple flexibility and variation from a technically complex material.


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