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Apr 3, 2011
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Designer Rugs have released their latest range of rug designs, called the Pavement Collection.

Created by Designer Rugs’ Senior Designers Christine McDonald and Lia Pielli, the range of 14 designs feature intricate patterns inspired by the views we see in the urban landscape.

The textured, handmade rugs feature industrial colours and patterns inspired by mosaic floor tiles, the soaring lines of skyscrapers and flora viewed within the cityscape.

The collection includes Kazakhstan, which features a pattern drawn from floor mosaics; Kyoto Lines, inspired by the chaos of electricity lines and poles in the Japanese city; and Leon, which mimics the pattern of precast concert blocks used in architecture of the 1920s.

View the full collection on the Designer Rugs website.

Designer Rugs has showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and Auckland and representations in Adelaide and Singapore. The collection is now also available in Western Australia, through retailer S&M Mobilia.

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