Jean-Pierre Jardel on Planex’s steel locker storage

As second-generation, family-run business, Planex is a company that has continued to evolve and keep up with what designers need in steel lockers.

Elliat Rich’s ‘sculptural vanity’ wins top furniture design award

Movement through Australia’s expansive interior provided the inspiration behind Elliat Rich’s winning entry into this year’s Australian Furniture Design Awards. The Alice Springs-based designer took top honours with her piece titled Place. The highly original work can be described as a sculptural vanity – a kind of old-fashioned object evoking feminine ritual. The unit, which […]

Q&ADR: lighting, sound system and furniture maker Alex Earl

"The most pleasant surprise was probably recently when I had a chance to pause late one night in the workshop and survey everything we were working on at that moment. I felt proud of what we were making." ADR talks to maker Alex Earl, who discusses the intricacies of designing sound and lighting objects and pushing the boundaries of materials.

Q&ADR: Ceci and Aydin Keyvanloo of VUUE

Every week in our Q&ADR column, ADR interviews an architect, designer, object maker or industry person about who they are beyond the work – their life, inspiration, challenges and aspirations. This week talk to Ceci and Aydin Keyvanloo, the founders of furniture brand VUUE, to find out how they got started, what makes Australian design […]

The international appeal of Henry Wilson

"I like to surround myself with objects of intrigue. Much of my work stems from scraps of potential that I notice in my daily life and travels." Wilson discusses his inspiration, working with architects, and his dream collaborator.

An unconventional craft with Arthur Seigneur

Blending furniture, craft and graphic design, Arthur Seigneur is a rare talent in an even rarer field bringing a youthful spirit to an age-old process.

5 of my favourite things: Antonia Syme

Antonia Syme is a woman who has lived her life surrounded by art and beautiful objects. She shares a selection of some of her favourites.

Q&ADR: Alex Sanson, kinetic sculptor

"My outdoor sculptures are often large in scale to fit in with the environment - think medium sized tree in scale - and have a multitude of similar elements that move in relationship to each with a rhythmic motion. I try to build pattern and form as layers of elements that move in and out of phase with each other and I’m often trying to create a hypnotic or euphoric experience."

In conversation with Gabriel Abrahams of Atelier de Troupe

The sights and sounds of Milan can be overwhelming, but in amongst the noise was a stand with elegant and eye-catching product. ADR editor Aleesha Callahan chatted to the founder of LA-based lighting and furniture brand Atelier de Troupe, Gabriel Abrahams, to find out about the mid-century influences and how it all got started with Ace Hotels.

Q&ADR: Anne-Claire Petre of anaca studio

Every week in our Q&ADR column, ADR interviews an architect, designer, object maker or industry person about who they are beyond the work – their life, inspiration, challenges and aspirations. This week we catch up with Anne-Claire Petre, a furniture designer and founder of anaca studio, to talk about the Australian furniture industry and taking the leap to […]