Kompact Stool

Feb 23, 2011
  • Article by Online Editor

Tomek Archer’s latest design is the Kompact stool, carved from a solid block of agglomerated cork. The pared-back design retains the solid mass of the material, narrowing in the middle to make the object easier to grip. The flat top means it can be used as a stool as well as a side table.

Agglomerated cork, made using only pressure and steam without the use of glues or additives, is a renewable material, as the cork can be harvested from the same trees every 9-12 years. The lightweight material also lends the object a warm and smooth texture, while its hydrophobic properties mean the stools won’t become waterlogged, even if left unsealed.

Sydney-based architect and furniture designer Archer is the founder of Tomahawk Studios, a design studio and workshop that brings together fine craftsmanship and precision automated production. Other work by Archer includes the Peg Leg stool and the [“Campfire Table”:].

The Kompact Stools will be available from late March 2011.

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