Mar 18, 2009
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Formway has undertaken over four years of research and design to investigate the modern work environment, and have come up with the Hum open plan work system.
Hum draws upon this intensive research into how people work and what they need to work better. The design team interviewed office workers in different businesses to find out what helped and what frustrated them about their furniture. They also observed how workers used, naturally responded to and adapted the space around them in order to match their very individual ways of working.
Finally, the team consulted with experts in psychology, cognitive and physical ergonomics, and other social sciences that deal with issues of interaction, attentiveness and cognition to help them understand how humans perceive and think, what distracts us, what helps us focus, how we share information and ideas, and how we work together. They found that for most people, no matter what their profession, a day’s work is a continuum between individual focus and collaborative team tasks.

Hum is designed to accommodate all work modes on this concentrate/collaborate continuum. It is a flexible and adaptable solution that can be configured to fit the needs of individuals, small groups and whole organisations.

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