Hexagon carpet tile collection by Shaw Contract Group

Nov 20, 2013
  • Article by Online Editor

Shaw Contract Group Australia has released a new carpet tile collection, Hexagon. Inspired by the cultural shift toward more collaborative environments, the Hexagon collection is non-linear in composition and reinforces the social aspect of space as well as the physical and mental interaction that occurs within it.

There are four styles within the collection with the foundation being plane, available in 29 colours of varying hue and value, ranging from cool to warm.

Linear provides a classic, striated visual to create a random herringbone texture when installed in a multi-directional manner while linear shift creates a subtle shift of value across the hexagon and is constructed of multiple combined colours.

Bevel offers a visual deconstruction of the hexagon both through a dimensional layering of shapes and through a plush sheared finish.

The collection’s palette includes warm and cool neutral colours, and is designed in a colour wheel of related values and nuances of tone.

Hexagon is Cradle to Cradle Certified Silver and uses premium Eco Solution Q fibre. All tiles feature EcoWorx backing, which is certified with the highest level of GECA certification and a Green Star ‘Level A’ product rating according to the Green Building Council of Australia. EcoWorx carpet tiles are 100 percent PVC free and are backed with an environmental guarantee for reclamation and recycling.

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