Glass collection

Nov 21, 2011
  • Article by Online Editor
  • Designer Keith Melbourne

Designed by Keith Melbourne, the Glass collection is a fun and eclectic new furniture range inspired by a series of iconic glassware.

The collection takes its aesthetic from the forms of familiar glassware designs, with classic pieces scaled up and expressed in a new, playful way. The four pieces that make up the collection include three stools inspired by the cognac, latte and crystal glasses, as well as a side table – with a silhouette borrowed from that of the traditional champagne glass.

Made from UV stabilised and fully recyclable polyethylene, the bold range comes in 49 different colours and features elegant detailing on the latte and crystal stools achieved with advanced tooling manufacture.

Designed by Keith Melbourne for Zenith Interiors.

Keith Melbourne will be speaking about his work, including the Glass collection, on Thursday 24 November at Zenith’s Melbourne showroom as part of IDEA week. Click here for event details.

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