De Dietrich Colour Matrics Oven

Aug 19, 2010
  • Article by Online Editor

The Colour Matrics Oven, from Die Dietrich, is a stylish design featuring a simple, sleek control pad with colour screen on the outside and an intelligent, intuitive oven on the inside.

The Colour Matrics offers over 50 pre-programmed dishes and three levels of cooking modes to suit every cook: the expert mode for the master chef, the cooking mode guide for the home cook and the ICS mode for the amateur cook.

With Pyrocontrol technology, this oven measures the level of dirt in the oven’s capacity and lets the user know when it needs cleaning, as well as selecting the most efficient and economical length of Pyroclean cycle required.

Design, perfection, innovation: De Dietrich is setting new values.

Available through [“MEA Appliances”:http://www.meaappliances.com.au/]

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