The Puddle washbasin

October 13, 2009

An elegant, contemporary basin designed to limit water consumption.

With its revolutionary design, The Puddle can drastically reduce excessive water consumption making it the perfect choice for both a commercial setting, such as restaurants and bars, and residential bathrooms. Handcrafted from the premium quality material, Corian by Dupont, The Puddle features beautiful form and is highly functional.

Aside from its aesthetic appeal, the qualities and performance benefits of Corian include its outstanding durability, stain and mildew resistance and its overall ease to clean.

Designed to work in conjunction with Minosa’s revolutionary water reduction device, The Puddle is the perfect choice for those who want to limit excessive water consumption and prevent the water from splashing.

The Puddle washbasin is handmade to order in Sydney and is a shining example of quality Australian design and manufacture.

W. ["www.minosa.com.au":http://www.minosa.com.au]
T. 280909039
F. 295642331

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