Construction Specialties Acrovyn

August 28, 2009

Protective guards, rails and coverings to reduce wall damage and maintenance costs in public buildings.

Construction Specialties Acrovyn has become synonymous with wall protection by reducing wall damage and maintenance costs in thousands of buildings worldwide.

Acrovyn offers the industry’s most complete line of wall protection with hundreds of options for every project and every building type. These include corner guards, bumper guards, crash rails, door protection, doorframe protection and wall coverings.

Combining sophisticated shape, functionality and technology, the new and exciting profiles use the versatility of acrylics, the warmth of timber, and the strength of stainless steel. And when it comes to colour, pattern and finish options, we have a broad selection that will meet the design of any interior environment.

W. ["www.c-sgroup.com.au":http://www.c-sgroup.com.au/?section=products&vb=1]
T. 1300 272 602
E. sales@c-sgroup.com.au

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