Raindance Connect from Hansgrohe

August 18, 2009

A sleek and environmentally friendly shower system.

Raindance Connect is a showerpipe system that includes a sleek hand-held head and corresponding large overhead shower, which fixes easily to the wall with a bracket. The sleek hand-held head clicks smoothly into the bracket, allowing water to flow through the shower head.

Hangrohe’s specialist AirPower technology ensures that the water flow is mixed and saturated with air, producing gentle yet powerful water supply. The Hangrohe EcoSmart technology also ensures that water flow is controlled for minimised resource and energy costs.

With this EcoSmart system, water consumption is reduced to 9 litres per minute, significantly less than average disc-shaped overhead showers which generally use more than 20 litres a minute.

Raindance Connect fits into any bathroom and can be retrofitted wherever a shower is already installed, making it perfect for a quick makeover or simple renovation.

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T. 398119971

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