Freefold 02

August 7, 2009

Modular, flexible and recyclable, Freefold 02 is an infinitely adaptable furniture system suitable for almost any space.

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The idea for Freefold Furniture began in 2008 when Toby Horrocks moved into an empty rental apartment and needed furniture. Freefold 02 is sized to hold paperbacks in horizontal boxes, and art books in vertical ones. When a renter needs to move, they can either keep their books in the boxes, or flat-pack the system and reassemble it in their new home. The modular geometry and its ability to create a free-standing screen wall makes it an infinitely adaptable furniture system to suit any space.

Freefold 02 is an environmentally friendly recycled cardboard storage system with a unique geometry. Arrange it as a bookshelf, screen, plinth or bench; face it in or out – it will always maintain the same overall pattern. Strong and lightweight, it is easy to assemble with no glue. Slots in the sides allow the modules to be connected together. It is made from Xanita X-board which is manufactured from 97% post consumer waste paper. It is 100% recyclable – just put it out with the normal paper recycling at the end of its useful life.

E. info@freefoldfurniture.com
W. ["www.freefoldfurniture.com":http://www.freefoldfurniture.com]

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