Alatka, Maja Mesi?

July 6, 2009

An innovative drawing instrument designed to move in sync with the hand.

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As opposed to the restrictive form of pencil-shaped drawing tools, Alatka is ergonomic form has been devised to allow a more natural and expressive approach to drawing.

Despite the fact that the dot is the basis of every drawn line, form or coloured surface, one does not draw millions of dots to form a line or shape. Instead, these lines are created with the drawing tool, which moves in sync with the hand. However, most of the drawing tools available on the market are primarily created for writing, and are not suitably adapted to drawing.

Because the stick-type tool can feel unnatural to draw with, it restricts the movement of the hand. With its tear-drop form, Alatka allows the wrist to be free without having to conform to the movements dictated by other more restrictive shapes. The movement of the wrist is more fluid and thus, the user is able to achieve balance and stability by easily adapting to its form.

T. +385 98 751 806 (Croatia)
E. maja.productdesigner@gmail.com

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