Expansion Joints

May 26, 2009

Performance expansion joints for major constructions.

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Expansion Joints are an important feature in major constructions like large commercial complexes, car parks and bridges, absorbing vibrations, material expansion and allowing movement in construction materials.

Construction Specialties are leading the way in Australia with an extensive range of high performance expansion joints including: architectural expansion joints, car park and stadium expansion joints, and fire barriers.

Expansion Joints range from $30 to $800 per linear metre, depending on the materials used, thickness and the requirements of the job.

For more information on architectural, car park and stadium and fire barrier expansion joints amongst other products contact Construction Specialties, Expansion Joints, please refer to:
W. ["www.c-sgroup.com":http://www.c-sgroup.com]
T. 1300 272 602
E. sales@c-sgroup.com.au.

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