IZONA CookSurface

May 25, 2009

Culinary creativity at a whole new level

Combining gas cooking, the convenience of an easy-clean ceramic cooktop, with a black reflective glass top and ergonomic design, the IZONA CookSurface cleverly masks its functionality.
Incorporating three sets of hidden pan supports for different size pans within the ceramic surface, the supports and burners elevate from the glass surface and ignite simply by turning the dial.

Manufacturer: Fisher & Paykel

Further information details:
Fisher & Paykel Customer Care
E.. customer.care@fp.com.au
T. 1300 650 590
A. PO Box 798, Cleveland QLD 4163
F. 07 3826 9298
W. ["tomorrowskitchen.com.au":http://tomorrowskitchen.com.au]

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