May 22, 2009

Indoor and outdoor furniture collection evoking past forms created through the use of superior technology.

“Re-Trouvé Inspiration came from the marvellous icon chairs of the 50s, so full of curls and doodles. I wanted to create new models which would bring together a re-interpretation of this old fashioned design with a more humorous twist, produced with numerical control technology”, Patricia Urquiola, designer of Re-Trouvé.
Re-Trouvé is reinterpretation with extreme irony.

Tables, vases, armchairs, chairs and ottomans available in white, turquoise, green, yellow, orange and black.

EMU Group

W. ["www.kezu.com.au":http://www.kezu.com.au]
E. info@kezu.com.au
T. 02 9699 6600
A. Suite 201
61 Marlborough Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010
*Zenith Interiors*
W. ["www.zenithinteriors.com.au":http://www.zenithinteriors.com.au]
*ECO Outdoor*
*Design Farm*
*Format Furniture*

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