CTZ tilt-top table

May 21, 2009

Winner of the Japanese Good Design Award, CTZ sets new standards in the design of tilt-top tables.

The unique leg design of CTZ tilt-top tables was born in pursuit of function, strength and design using die cast aluminium to achieve high precision and a beautiful durable finish.

When tilting the surface, the patented synchro top mechanism of CTZ tilt-top tables enables the leg stoppers (brakes) to rise and lower within the height adjustable castors.

Hooks on both ends of the CTZ flip-top table are great for hanging handbags. With the top folded down, a basic storage shelf is created below.


W. ["www.kezu.com.au":http://www.kezu.com.au]
E. info@kezu.com.au
T. 02 9699 6600
A. Suite 201, 61 Marlborough Street,
Surry Hills NSW 2010

*Zenith Interiors*
W. ["www.zenithinteriors.com.au":http://www.zenithinteriors.com.au]

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