Sound absorbent tiles from Instyle

March 6, 2015

Instyle’s sophisticated new tiles are inspired by geometry and mathematical beauty.

Instyle have just released three sound absorbent tiles: Matrix, Linear and Domino from the Ecoustic collection. Developed by the Wovin Design Hub, the sophisticated tile designs are inspired by geometry and mathematical beauty. Available in 16 colours, subtle and commanding patterns can be created by altering the tile colour and orientation to build formations that play with light and shadow.

Matrix, Linear and Domino achieve between NRC 0.55 – 0.90, and will assist in absorbing, scattering and diffusing sound. Ecoustic® Infills increase sound absorbency by at least 35%.

The Greentag Level A certified tiles are low VOC and made in Australia from 50% recycled polyester. The versatile tiles are suitable for most interior spaces and easy to install onto walls, screens, partitions or ceilings.

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