Claude Neon

April 30, 2009

Specialising in corporate signage and environmental branding.

Claude Neon has experience in all forms of corporate signage and environmental branding, as well as managing and coordinating national multi-site signage programs and single site projects.

With a customer oriented approach, our flexibility ensures each project is tailored to our clients needs.

Claude Neon specialise in:
* Corporate sky signs
* Corporate identity
* Branding signage
* Multi-site rebranding
* Architectural & wayfinding
* Public infrastructure
* Interior lighting features
* Urban landscape
* Environmental signage

E. sales@claudeneon.com.au
T. 02 9315 2777
F. 02 9662 3311
W. ["http://www.claudeneon.com.au":http://www.claudeneon.com.au]

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