Centor Architectural’s S1 screen

April 30, 2009

The world’s first fully retractable sliding screen for large openings on any new, renovated or existing premises.

Centor Architectural’s S1 screen is suitable for all door and window types with single spans up to 3.05m high and 7.4m wide.

Once opened, the screen disappears into the door frame, eliminating intrusive and unsightly excess tracks and multi stacked panels.

With no crude spring-loading to fight against, the S1’s Load Balancing Technology enables effortless fingertip control and keeps the screen firm in any chosen position along the track. This means far greater mesh tension, eliminating any tendency for the screen to sag.

E. mail@centor.com.au
T. 03 9709 0300
F. 03 9798 1645
W. ["http://www.centor.com.au":http://www.centor.com.au/default.asp?PageID=52&n=S1+28Asia+Pacific29]

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