Mermet Cachet™

April 30, 2009

A new blind fabric collection shows a fresh approach to colour.

Be inspired by Cachet™, a new collection of contemporary and sophisticated blind fabrics with an extensive range of colours, transparencies and textures.

Find a fresh new fabric from Cachet’s innovative colour range with everything from clean modern textiles, to rustic natural weaves, to rich elegant textures.

Mermet has created over one hundred fabrics, with nine original textures, designed specifically to suit the Australian environment.

In a unique approach, the Cachet™ collection is divided into eight colour ranges, with each fabric sorted into complimentary shades designed to co-ordinate with specific colour schemes.

Already a world-leader in transparent fabrics for blinds, Mermet has brought its brand of style and sophistication to this exciting collection of contemporary weaves and textiles.

E. enquiries@mermet.com.au
T. 03 9770 3888
F. 03 9770 3811
W. ["www.mermet.com.au/cachet":http://www.mermet.com.au/cachet]

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