ASP500 Post Top Luminaire

April 30, 2009

A high quality exterior lamp designed for the urban environment.

WE-EF LIGHTING has recently released the ASP500 Post Top Luminaire. It has already been recognised by the Royal Astronomical Society and the International Dark Sky Society at the 2008 IESANZ Lighting Design Awards for its excellent light control properties and zero upward waste light.

The ASP500 features WE-EF LIGHTING’s 5CE corrosion protection system and an IP65 international protection rating. It is designed to use the latest in high efficiency electronic control gear and environmentally friendly white light technologies.

For more information on this product see your local WE-EF distributor or contact WE-EF LIGHTING.

E. info.australia@we-ef.com
T. 03 8587 0444
F. 03 8587 0499
W. ["www.we-ef.com.au/asp500":http://www.we-ef.com.au/asp500]/

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