April 22, 2009

The new strica light series available in suspension, ceiling and wall versions.

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The strica series of lights is designed by Artificia; an Italian company dedicated to producing products with a perfect balance of quality and design. Despite their name there is nothing artificial about them. Constructed from aluminium, polycarbonate and white borosilicate glass these lights give great, even light, perfect for residential or commercial use. The strica series has modern, clean lines and an environmentally friendly focus with its T5 lamp technology. T5 fluorescent lighting uses less energy, has a longer life and higher output. This series of lights is available as suspension, ceiling and wall versions in black, aluminium, white or orange.

A: 462 City Road, South Melbourne VIC
T: 03 9690 4155
W. ["www.studioitalia.com.au":http://www.studioitalia.com.au]

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