Coral Light

April 22, 2009

Innovative and unique lighting using sustainably grown and treated bamboo and plywood.

By David Trubridge, an environmentally conscious New Zealand designer using only sustainably grown and treated bamboo and plywood for his innovative and unique lighting.
Trubridge creates pieces with a delicate footprint, forms that speak of humanity’s survival on earth, of life’s fragility and of optimism for a sustainable future.
All fittings are made using sustainable materials from managed plantations – no rainforest timber and all pieces are designed to use the minimum amount of material. Oil finishes are natural, the electricity used is construction is from renewable methods, designs are flat-packed where possible for low energy freighting and are classic and intended to last.
The Coral is available in 3 sizes and is a fun, playful pendant light.

A: 462 City Road, South Melbourne VIC
T: 03 9690 4155
W. ["www.studioitalia.com.au":http://www.studioitalia.com.au]

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