Top 5 by Ross Hines

September 6, 2012

Ross Hines, founder and CEO of iconic furniture store, Tongue and Groove, nominates his top five Australian design objects.

This article appeared in Inside #72: Homegrown

Ross Hines is the founder and CEO of iconic Melbourne-based furniture store, Tongue and Groove. Here, he nominates his top five Australian designs: a discerning blend of pieces from the recent past and contemporary items, taking us on a local design journey spanning 60 years.

Kone Chair by Roger McLay, 1947

“The Kone chair is the ultimate in simplicity of form, and is also surprisingly comfortable. McLay’s design uses the natural tension of a laminated sheet of plywood to form the seat, which flexes to accommodate the human form, making additional molding unnecessary.”

TV Chair by Grant Featherston, 1953

“Arguably the most restrained of Featherston’s famous contour series of chairs from the early 1950s, this classic TV chair is incredibly comfortable and aesthetically curvaceous from every angle.”

Sling Chair by Clement Meadmore, 1963

“The simple design is what makes this chair a classic from one of Australia’s legendary modernist sculptors. Even though the sling is form fitting, there is no restriction to body movement, making it as comfortable as it is clever.”

Weft 056 Lightshade by James Hargraves, 2010

“Hargraves employs a digital production process that he’s refined and developed over a number of years, allowing him to handweave computer-cut polypropylene strips into organic, three dimensional surfaces. The result is a delicately undulating skin that intrigues.”

15 Degree Table by Justin Hutchinson, 2010

“This design takes a striking 15 degree angle from the table’s edge to the ground with the top appearing thick from the side, but thanks to a simple mitre-cut, its lightness is revealed when viewed from one end. Subtle leg details are apparent but it’s the pure strength of design that speaks most clearly.”


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