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Decorative screens by Korban/Flaubert

September 20, 2011

Sydney design and sculpture studio Korban/Flaubert create a series of geometric screens, hand-crafted from stainless steel and corten.

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Sydney-based design and sculpture studio Korban/Flaubert has produced a series of new sculptural, decorative screens crafted from stainless steel and corten steel.

The series of four new designs build on the studio’s collection of geometric screens inspired by pattern, repetition and sequence. The new pieces feature ordered, three-dimensional arrangements drawn from folded mathematical structures.

The Hive screen is characterised by a hexagonal beehive geometry expressed in three dimensions, to create large apertures that appear to change their shape as you walk past. Crystal features a similar geometry, with a more triangular form.

The Penrose design is based on the ‘kite-dart’ tiling pattern created by mathematician, Roger Penrose. A section of the pattern has been tweaked, multiplied and layered to create a curtain of delicate organic forms.

Each screen has been completely seam-welded and polished, giving the stainless steel a smooth finish that reflects light to add depth to the piece. The Crystal screen is also made in corten, giving the piece a raw, unpolished aesthetic.

Korban/Flaubert is a design and sculpture studio and workshop run by metalworker Janos Korban and architect Stefanie Flaubert. Founded in 1993, the studio creates furniture, sculpture, screens and installations inspired by the mathematics and geometry found in nature.


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