Neff VarioSteam oven

August 25, 2011

A new steam-assisted oven designed by Neff uses moisture to optimise baking and cooking.

German kitchen appliance manufacturer Neff has released its new steam-assisted oven with new technology that allows the user to change the intensity of the steam inside the oven.

Called the VarioSteam, the oven injects moisture as steam into the oven at various intervals and intensities, ensuring the optimum amount of steam is used every time. Settings include CircoTherm, top/bottom heat, pizza, bread-baking and CircoRoasting. The intensity of the steam can be set automatically or manually.

Whether it’s the crispy pizza base, a fluffy cake or a tender roast, the combination of hot air and steam delivers optimum results. Steam can be added to the oven using any of the cooking functions, in order to intensity the natural colours and flavours of the food.

The VarioSteam can be used to cook on three shelves, with even heat distribution – and the NeffLight feature allows complete visibility inside the oven. The oven also features a dual-pump water system and SoftEject mechanism to access the water reservoir.

Neff appliances are available in Australia through Sampford IXL.

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